Division of PLACE Core Training Program (CTP) Examinations

Below is the CTP Exam (i.e., MH and IDD Module II Exam) Information. Please read all of the information below before submitting registration forms and fees.

  • Click on the DMH PLACE Exam Registration link to obtain exam dates/times/locations as well as general exam information and to obtain exam/re-exam registration forms.
  • Please note that the MH and IDD Module II Exams will only be offered through December 2017.
  • You must hold a current Provisional Certification in the respective area for the test you wish to take before you will be allowed to register for an exam.
  • You must obtain exam study materials from your Staff Development Officer.
  • Preparation for all exams is on a self-study and self-paced basis within the individual’s 24 month provisional certification period.
  • Please be aware when you see the letters “IDD,” they stand for “Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities” which has replaced the “MR” in the name for the Mental Retardation (MR) Therapist Program. The exam for the IDD Therapist Program has not changed and is the same as the previous MR Module II exam.
  • The Mental Health (MH) Therapist exam is the same as the MH Module II exam.

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