DMH Requests Level Funding for Fiscal Year 2019

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH) presented its Fiscal Year 2019 budget request to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on Friday, September 22. DMH’s legislative agenda outlines key objectives that support our goal of ensuring that people living with mental illness, substance use disorder, and intellectual and/or developmental disabilities receive the treatment and supports necessary to lead a meaningful life in the community.

The DMH consolidated budget includes all budget units under DMH. DMH is requesting level funding in FY19 for state source funds. This includes general funds in the amount of $207,763,132 and healthcare funds in the amount of $18,951,886.

  • With state source level funding in FY19, DMH plans to shift $10 million from DMH’s institutional budgets to the Service Budget to expand evidence-based/best practice services in the community to reduce reliance on institutional care.
  • For the past four fiscal years, the Mississippi Legislature appropriated a total of $16.1 million to DMH specifically to expand community-based services that have improved the State of Mississippi’s compliance with the Olmstead decision of the United States Supreme Court.
  • Due to DMH’s efforts to streamline services over the last two years, the agency can now shift funds from institutional care to expand community-based services that will help serve people in the most independent environments possible. For more information about the agency’s efforts to expand community-based care, click here.
  • With state source level funding, DMH will continue efforts such as expansion of community services for people with mental illnesses, jail-based restoration, development of supervised living for people currently in institutions, expansion of ID/DD (Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities) Waiver slots, restructuring the Direct Care Series, and continue administrative consolidation at DMH Programs.
  • DMH requests the removal or modification of language that restricts future movement towards the expansion of community-based services. This includes Section 22 in SB 2976, DMH’s appropriations bill, which caps the spending for ID/DD Waiver at $28.5 million.
  • If DMH receives anything above level funding, those funds will go towards Mississippi’s ID/DD Waiver. The ID/DD Waiver provides individualized supports to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to assist them in living successfully at home and in the community. It is a Medicaid funded program that allows reimbursement to providers when serving eligible people in need of support and treatment, and DMH is responsible for the state share for providers.

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