PCCSS Web-Based Training Course List Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators Certification – Basic Core Courses (ALL COURSES REQUIRED)

  • Behavior Development for People with DD (BDPDD)
  • Creating Community Careers Part 1: Introduction to Customized Employment (EL-CCC1 ICD-DD-GH)
  • Creating Community Careers Part 2: Discovering Personal Genius (EL-CCC2DPG-DD-GH)
  • Crisis Intervention for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (EL-CRISIS-DD-OADSP)
  • Identifying and Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect (EL-IPCAN-CYF-0)
  • Identifying and Preventing Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect (EL-IPCAAN-CYF)
  • Overview of the Personal Outcomes Measures (EL-OVR-DD-CQL)
  • Overview of the Principles of Positive Behavior Support for Direct Support Professionals (EL-PPBS-DD-AAIOD)
  • Risk Management for Individuals with IDD (REL-RMIIDD-DD-O)

Support Coordinators – Electives (Minimum of 3 Elective Required)

  • FASD: Why Isn’t this Person Responding to Treatment (FASD)
  • Human Sexuality for Students with Special Needs (HSSN)
  • Mental Wellness: A Critical Element in the New DD Service (MWCENDDS-NADD)
  • Overview of Severe Persistant Mental Illness (EL-OSPMI-BH-0)
  • People with Disabilites Building Relationships and Community Membership (EL-RCB-DD-0)
  • Trauma and People with Intellectual Disabilities (TPID-NADD)
  • Ways to Support Individuals with Autism (V-WSIA)


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