Web-Based Training Component

The Department of Mental Health provides Web-Based Training through Relias Learning (formerly Essential Learning) for registered providers.  Relias is a customized learning management system and staff development tool. This training website, developed for DMH staff, presents and tracks training requirements in an accessible and easy to use format.  To access this program click the following link: https://dmh.training.reliaslearning.com. For more information about Relias, please contact your program’s Staff Development officer.


Relias Learning Flyers:

The Department of Mental Health features 3 Relias Trainings, with an electronically distributed flyer, every other month.  The trainings are chosen in each of the 3 areas: Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse.  Our goal is to highlight evidence-based trainings, for DMH Staff and DMH Certified providers, to encourage continual staff development throughout our workforce.  Please follow the links below to check out our past and current flyers.

Relias Learning Flyer – December 2017

Relias Learning Flyer – October 2017

Relias Learning Flyer – April 2017

Relias Learning Flyer – July 2016

Relias Learning Flyer – April 2016

Relias Learning Flyer – January 2016

Relias Learning Flyer – October 2015

Relias Learning Flyer – August 2015

Relias Learning Flyer – June 2015

Relias Learning Flyer – April 2015

Relias Learning Flyer – February 2015

Relias Learning Flyer – December 2014

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