Adult Services

Addressing the mental health needs of adults is fundamental to the future of Mississippi. An estimated 165,000 Mississippians need mental health services. 1 in 4 people will need mental health services at some point in their life. DMH is continuing to work towards a recovery-oriented system of care which focuses on a network of services and supports. This includes state-run behavioral health programs, community-based care, peer-run services, involvement from family, and other supports that incorporate the values and principles associated with recovery. We want all Mississippians to restore, rebuild and reclaim control of their lives by increasing their resilience and focusing on their strengths.

Behavioral Health Programs

DMH administers and operates five behavioral health programs. The programs provide inpatient services for adults with serious mental illness and substance abuse.

Behavioral Health Programs Map

These behavioral health programs include:

• Mississippi State Hospital

• North Mississippi State Hospital

• South Mississippi State Hospital

• East Mississippi State Hospital

• Central Mississippi Residential Center


Services for Adults with Mental Illness

A variety of services and supports are available for adults. For more information about mental health services or supports in your area, call the Mississippi Department of Mental Health’s Office of Consumer Supports at 1-877-210-8513. You may also enter your zip code in the Where to Go section on the Homepage for DMH certified providers in your area.

• Crisis Stabilization Services

• Psychosocial Rehabilitation

• Consultation and Education Services

• Emergency Crisis Services

• Pre-Evaluation Screening/Civil Commitment Exams

• Outpatient Therapy (Individual, Family and Group)

• Community Support Services

• Acute Partial Hospitalization

• Senior Psychosocial Rehabilitation

• Peer Support Services

• Community Support Services


• Supervised Living

• Physician/Psychiatric Services

• SMI Homeless Services

• Drop-In Centers

• Day Support

• Support Living Services

• Targeted Case Management

• Individual and Family Education and Support


Crisis Stabilization Units

The role of the Crisis Stabilization Units in the regional system is to provide stabilization and treatment services to persons who are in psychiatric crisis. It is believed that many of these individuals with mental illness can be treated in the center and returned to the community without an inpatient admission to the state psychiatric hospital. The more quickly a person receives treatment, as opposed to being “held” without treatment, the less likely his or her condition will worsen. An individual can receive involuntary and voluntary treatment at a Crisis Stabilization Unit. In addition, after treatment an individual will already be connected with their local Community Mental Health Center.

Click Here for a Crisis Stabilization Units Map


Batesville Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 563-9176

Brookhaven Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (601) 823-2300

Cleveland Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 846-2620

Corinth Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 286-5469

Gautier Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (228) 497-0434

Grenada Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 227-3700

Gulfport Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (228) 868-6524

Jackson Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (769) 257-6288

Laurel Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (601) 426-7520

Marks Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 485-0498

Newton Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (601) 683-4300

Tupelo Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 762-4500

West Point Crisis Stabilization Unit
Phone: (662) 494-4066