Behavioral Health Programs

DMH administers and operates six behavioral health programs.  The programs provide inpatient services for people (adults and children) with serious mental illness and substance abuse.

These behavioral health programs include:

Behavioral Health Program Locations Map 


Nursing facility services are also located on the grounds of Mississippi State Hospital and East Mississippi State Hospital.  In addition to the inpatient services mentioned, the programs also provide transitional, community-based care.  The Specialized Treatment Facility is a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility for adolescents with mental illness and a secondary need of substance abuse prevention/treatment.  Central Mississippi Residential Center is a residential center for persons with mental illness.

The types of services offered through the behavioral health programs vary according to location but statewide include:

  • Acute Psychiatric Care
  • Intermediate Psychiatric Care
  • Continued Treatment Services
  • Nursing Home Services
  • Medical/Surgical Hospital Services
  • Forensic Services
  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Adolescent Services

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