Legislative Updates


During the Legislative Session, information will be available on this page.

Mississippi Department of Mental Health 2020 Legislative Session Updates

FY21 Appropriations

SB 2947, the Department of Mental Health’s FY 21 appropriations bill, has been signed by the governor.

  • The final bill appropriates $211,624,656 in General Funds and $365,874,874 in Special Funds to DMH. This represents a 0.9% cut in General Funds over the FY20 appropriation, or approximately $2 million.
  • The bill directs $4 million for the continued expansion of community services in Mississippi.

Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility

SB 2610 establishes a new position titled the Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility.

  • The position is established to perform a comprehensive review of Mississippi’s mental health system to determine whether mental health services, including community mental health services, are offered in each county and available to the entire population of each county, especially to those with serious and persistent mental illness
  • The position will analyze and review the structure of the state’s mental health system
  • The position will review and adequacy and quality of individualized supports and services provided to persons discharged from the state hospitals or to persons at risk of institutionalization throughout the state.
  • This position will be appointed by the Executive Director of the Department of Finance and Administration and housed there at that agency.

Capital Improvements

HB 1730 appropriates funding for capital improvements to state agencies, including $4 million provided to DMH programs. The funding includes:

  • $2 million for projects at Mississippi State Hospital
  • $750,000 for ADA compliance at Ellisville State School
  • $500,000 for cottages at Hudspeth Regional Center
  • $750,000 for flooring at South Mississippi Regional Center.