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FY23 Joint Legislative Budget Request

The Department of Mental Health presented its FY23 budget request to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on Friday, September 24, 2021. The request asks for $220,868,752 in General Fund appropriations. In addition to the General Fund request, it asks for $19,551,886 in State Source Special Funds and $409,109,716 in Other Special Source Funds. The total request is for $649,530,354.

This request represents a $6,786,349 increase over the DMH FY22 appropriations bill, SB2926. This requested increase includes:

  • $1 million expansion for mental health community-based services for data enhancement and utilization review
  • $4,900,389 for the Forensic Services unit at Mississippi State Hospital
  • $885,960 for the Mississippi State Hospital Psychiatry Residency Program

This request includes the continuing efforts on behalf of DMH to shift funds from institutional spending to community-based services spending. From FY12 to FY20, there has been a decrease in institutional care spending of $70,829,115. During that same time frame, there has been an increase in community services spending of $88,838,281. These totals do not represent a $4 million shift from institutions to community that took place in FY21 and a $5.8 million shift from institutions to community taking place in FY22.

In addition, there has been a corresponding decrease in the number of filled positions at DMH’s inpatient and residential programs – from 8,972 in FY09 to 5,167 at the end of FY21.

Future goals for FY22 and FY23 include:

  • Enhance pre-evaluation screening process and strategies to divert from state hospitals
  • Increase Crisis Stabilization Beds and add Certified Peer Support Specialists at all Crisis Stabilization Units
  • Expand Peer Bridger Program to remaining hospitals and CMHCs
  • Launch 988 in Mississippi for behavioral health crisis
  • Add three Navigate programs for young people with first episode psychosis and add Intensive Community Support Services for
  • Enhance funding and training for Mobile Crisis Response Teams
  • Expand access to addiction services
  • Increase availability of crisis services for people with IDD
  • Expand Home and Community Based Services to prevent institutionalization for people with IDD
  • Statewide outreach campaign for service availability

For more information, including highlights from services provided during FY21, see the full Joint Legislative Budget Committee presentation by clicking the link below.

FY23 Budget Request for Joint Legislative Budget Committee