Strategic Plan

In 2008, DMH developed its first Strategic Plan in order to set clear goals and objectives for the future. This plan continues to be a road map for the public mental health system as we focus on moving towards a community-based system of care.

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH) Strategic Plan is a dynamic document intended to provide goals and objectives related to the inpatient and residential programs directly operated by the agency, the community services funded through the agency, and other partnerships or operational activities within the department. In previous years, the DMH Strategic Plan typically provided goals related to a three-year period. This most recent revision of the plan, the FY23 – FY27 DMH Strategic Plan, is intended to cover a five-year span. In developing this revision of the Strategic Plan, DMH engaged with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Research Institute (NRI) to help define performance measures for the state hospitals, as well as to conduct stakeholder outreach. DMH has worked to incorporate feedback from the NRI report into this revision of the plan where possible.

Click here to read the stakeholder engagement report from NRI.

Find copies of the current and previous DMH Strategic Plans through the links below. Reports on the plan are prepared twice a year, with a mid-year report summarizing data from July 1-December 31 of each fiscal year, and an end-year report summarizing data from the entire fiscal year, July 1-June 30. Those reports are available below.


To provide efficient and effective inpatient services for adolescents and adults with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders.


Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of community services and supports that prevent unnecessary hospitalizations for children, youth and adults.


To improve connections to care and the effectiveness of the crisis services continuum network of services statewide


To increase access to community-based care and supports for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities through a network of service providers that are committed to a person-centered system of care


To develop and build capacity of the behavioral health and IDD workforce


To engage Mississippians and promote the development of effective educational resources and dissemination approaches to improve public understanding of behavioral health

Strategic Plan Reports