Certified Community Behavioral health Clinics

Mississippi is one of 15 states that has received a $1 million Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) planning grant that aims to transform mental health and substance use treatment across the country by providing sustainable funding for robust community treatment services. To learn more about Mississippi’s CCBHC Planning Grant and find opportunities to get involved with a Committee and Workgroup, click here.

A Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) is a specially-designated clinic that provides a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use services. CCBHCs serve anyone who walks through the door, regardless of their diagnosis and insurance status.

CCBHCs are responsible for providing the following nine services, which can be provided directly or through formal relationships with Designated Collaborating Organization (DCOs):

  1. Crisis Services
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. Screening, Assessment, Diagnosis & Risk Assessment
  4. Outpatient Mental Health & Substance Use Services
  5. Targeted Case Management
  6. Outpatient Primary Care Screening and Monitoring
  7. Community-Based Mental Health Care for Veterans
  8. Peer, Family Support & Counselor Services
  9. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Fast Facts on CCBHCs:

More Than Two Million
Estimated number of people currently served across all active CCBHCs and grantees in the country.
Average number of new staff positions created at clinics as a result of becoming a CCBHC.
Percentage of CCBHCs that offer at least one type of MAT vs. 56% nationwide.

People Who Receive Care at CCBHCs Experience:

72% Reduction in Hospitalization
40.7% Reduction in Homelessness
60.3% Less Time in Jails

This information was reported in the 2022 CCBHC Impact Report from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. For additional information on CCBHCs, visit the National Council’s CCBHC Overview page or SAMHSA.

CCBHC Planning Grant

Mississippi is one of 15 states that has received a $1 million Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) planning grant that aims to transform mental health and substance use treatment across the country by providing sustainable funding for robust community treatment services. The newly announced funding from SAMHSA provides $1 million for a 12-month planning process. DMH has selected two specific CMHCs to participate in this planning period. Region 6 Life Help, located in the Delta region, and Region 14 Singing River Services, in the Gulf Coast region, both have experience providing comprehensive behavioral health services and have elevated levels of need in their service areas.

CCBHCs Will:

Improve access to and delivery of community-based behavioral health services.
Address gaps or barriers to care in Mississippi.
– Establish sustainable funding for additional investment in quality, evidence-based mental health, and substance use services.
– Offer more competitive wages because of the cost-based reimbursement that can aid in alleviating workforce shortages.
– Hold CMHCs accountable for quality outcomes.
Engage stakeholders and consumers of mental health services, including youth, family members, and community leaders, to provide input on a customizable approach to care that increases responsiveness to the needs of Mississippians.

Five of Mississippi’s CMHCs are already recipients of CCBHC Expansion grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the federal agency that leads public health efforts regarding behavioral health in the nation. Those recipients are:

  1. Region 2 Communicare
  2. Region 3 LIFECORE Health Group
  3. Region 8 Region 8 Mental Health Services
  4. Region 9 Hinds Behavioral Health Services
  5. Region 14 Singing River Services
Get Involved in Mississippi’s Statewide CCBHC Planning Grant Efforts

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health is excited about the opportunity to serve anyone who walks through the door, regardless of their diagnosis and insurance status. To develop the best approach for Mississippi, we need your input and involvement. Our work will only be successful if we engage you and others to help implement CCBHCs in a way that meets the unique needs of Mississippi.

Mississippi Policy Makers Take Action!

We invite Mississippi policy makers to make efforts to share and pass proclamations in support of Mississippi’s efforts to improve our behavioral health system. See sample proclamations that are shared below:

Proposed Local City or County Proclamation

Proposed Legislative Proclamation

We will convene the following Committees and Workgroups:

The Steering Committee will meet monthly to inform planning efforts. The Steering Committee will include representation from DMH and other state and local officials with understanding and commitment to the CCBHC. DMH representation will include those with decision-making authority. Importantly, the Steering Committee will also include four Project Coordinators who will represent both existing and pilot CCBHCs.

CCBHC Steering Committee 08.08.23 Meeting Minutes

CCBHC Steering Committee 08.08.23 Meeting Presentation

CCBHC Steering Committee 07.18.23 Meeting Minutes

DMH will convene a Learning Collaborative workgroup among representatives from the state’s CCBHC grantees and non-CCBHC CMHCs to inform the process and engage all Mississippi CMHCs in the CCBHC transformation process.

CCBHC Learning Collaborative Presentation

The Executive Standing Committee will establish CCBHC leadership, goals, and project management processes to ensure a shared vision and strategic partners are included in planning. It will oversee any finance or staffing decisions related to the Planning Grant and coordinate efforts to apply for Demonstration. The Finance Workgroup will establish CCBHC prospective payment methodology that covers the anticipated costs of delivery of mental health and substance use services and identify a mechanism for quality bonus payments for high-performing clinics.

Executive Standing Committee Workgroups
– Finance
– Governance

Quarterly SAMHSA Report

The Infrastructure Standing Committee will discuss and identify elements needed to ensure Mississippi’s CMHCs have the infrastructure to meet the CCBHC criteria. It will determine resources needed to collect, analyze, and report on CCBHC outcome measures. The workgroups of this Standing Committee will develop workplans and strategies to remediate any gaps to meeting the CCBHC criteria, including identifying the technical assistance needs for providers.

Infrastructure Standing Committee Workgroups
– Cultural Competency
– Family & Client Engagement
– Staffing and Workforce Development
– Training

Disparity Impact Statement Worksheet

This committee will craft CCBHC certification criteria to meet the state’s goals for strengthening its care delivery system.

CCBHC Certification Criteria

The Quality Standing Committee will develop data collection and reporting capacity at the clinic and state levels that are supported through strengthened health information technologies between and within different community based and community systems for CCBHCs. It will create a framework to information Quality Improvement efforts for CCBHCs.

Quality Standing Committee Workgroups
– Data and Reporting
– Evaluation
– Quality Improvement Plan

CCBHC Quality Measures

This committee will conduct community needs assessments and environmental scan to support the establishment of program goals and customization of the CCBHC model in the state. The working groups of this Standing Committee will identify and recommend remediation efforts to ensure all CMHCs can successfully deliver all nine required CCBHC services.

Services and Supports Standing Committee Workgroups
– Children and Youth
– Other Needs

This committee will engage people with lived/living experience, peers, and peer organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and other healthcare providers, community stakeholders, tribal organizations, behavioral health providers, schools, corrections stakeholders, and other impacted communities.

CCBHC Overview Presentation

To sign up and get involved, please download the document linked below, fill it out, and email itto our CCBHC Project Director Amy Swanson at amy.swanson@dmh.ms.gov.  You can also call Ms. Swanson at 330-472-4350 to discuss Mississippi’s CCBHC Planning Grant. We look forward to your involvement in this important work!