Continuing Education

The “Designated Provider Application and Checklist,” located through the link below, requires that DP-approved CE offerings must be face-to-face:

“Acceptable Formats of Continuing Education Offerings primarily include conferences, seminars, and workshops in which the participant is face to face with the qualified instructor with the opportunity for interaction.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the face-to-face requirement of DP-approved CE offerings is not required at this time.

  • Therefore, Designated Providers may approve for CEs for DMH professional credentials remote/online/distance learning activities which are/were offered retroactive March 1, 2020, through present, provided that all other requirements for CE approval, as outlined in the above-referenced “Designated Provider Application and Checklist,” document are met. Specifically, for example, CE participants should be allowed an opportunity to interact with qualified presenters; CE participant evaluations should be collected, and CE certificates generated.  Additionally, CE participant attendance should be collected, and Designated Providers should verify that the CE participant was in attendance for the entirety of the CE activity
  • CE records should be maintained as outlined in the aforementioned document.
  • CE offerings during the time period of March 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022, will not be subject to Designated Provider audits.
  • DMH will continue to make decisions regarding CE activities and remote/distance learning. Please monitor this site for Designated Provider updates.

For additional information, contact the DMH Division of Professional Licensure and Certification (PLACE), at

Previously, DMH awarded continuing education credits for the DMH professional credentials in addition to other professional licenses (such as social work and psychology).  As of January 1, 2017, DMH no longer provides continuing education services for the approval of continuing education credit of disciplines/professions outside of the DMH professional credentials issued by the Division of Professional Licensure and Certification (PLACE).

In order to ensure the availability of continuing education offerings for people credentialed through PLACE, a Designated Provider of Continuing Education model has been established.  The requirements for becoming a Designated Provider of Continuing Education for DMH Professional Credentials (Designated Provider) and for the approval of continuing education offerings are outlined below.

Through an application process, the PLACE Board will determine an agency’s status as a Designated Provider.  Endorsement as a Designated Provider allows an agency to approve continuing education hours (CE hrs.) for all of the DMH credentialing programs.

In order to become a Designated Provider, an agency must 1) be identified by DMH as a part of the state mental health system; 2) meet all the guidelines set forth in this document; and 3) have the capacity to offer approval for all of the DMH credentialing programs.  Designated Providers are approved for up to a two (2) year period of time, during which they must consistently comply with all requirements.  Designated Providers will be randomly audited by the PLACE Board and/or DMH.  Complaints and/or the results of random audits may result in the removal of the Designated Provider status.

Please see the Guide for Endorsement as a Designated Provider of Continuing Education for DMH Professional Credentials for further assistance and instruction. This is included in the Designated Provider Application below.

Please direct questions regarding this process to Nancy Luke, Director of the Division of Professional Licensure and Accreditation, at 601-359-4465, or to Stephanie Foster, Director of the Bureau of Certification and Quality Outcomes, at 601-359-4815

Designated Provider Applications will be reviewed and approved at the monthly PLACE Review Board meetings.

Designated Provider Application and Checklist

Below are the forms to complete for continuing education hours. These are forms the Designated Provider will maintain for review during the audit process.

Planner/Presenter A-1

Training Sign-In Sheet

Continuing Education Evaluation Form

CE Certificate Template