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In May 2018, in recognition of May as Mental Health Month, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and its partners in the Mississippi State Department of Health, NAMI Mississippi, the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi, and the Mississippi Public Health Institute are launching an expanded public awareness campaign for adults titled “Think Again.”

These partner agencies are working to raise awareness about mental health and the connection between mental and physical health. We want to encourage Mississippians to speak up and speak out in order to change the way we think about mental health. This is why as partners we are launching this grassroots campaign.

Think Again encourages Mississippians to toss out their preconceived notions about mental health and think differently. It focuses on the fact that mental health problems are no different than other health problems. It is important for Mississippians to understand how common mental illness is and that there is nothing to be ashamed of for seeking help. It is important for Mississippians to understand that good mental health and good physical health go hand-in-hand. There is strong research that proves proper diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management can help protect your health and wellness – both physically and mentally.

  • Mental health is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. We pay attention to our blood pressure, our cholesterol, our heart rates, and our weight. We work to stay as healthy as possible and to change those things we know aren’t healthy. We should put the same focus on our mental health.
  • Good mental health includes the skills to cope with everyday life, whether that is workplace stress, busy schedules, or difficult relationships. Most people at some point or another have difficulty coping with challenges in life, but there are steps we can take to help with the stress and anxiety that comes from those challenges.
  • For instance, exercise can directly lift someone’s mood, and sustained exercise has been found to help alleviate long-term depression.
  • Spending time with friends, or even a favorite pet, can help many people handle stress. A 30-minute walk in nature or out in the sunlight can help increase energy and elevate your mood.
  • There are steps you can take to strengthen your mental health. Working to live a physically healthy lifestyle can help prevent the onset or worsening of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions in addition to the physical benefits.
  • People often use alcohol or drugs to ease the symptoms or to cope with undiagnosed mental illness,  difficult problems, or to temporarily change their mood. This can make symptoms worse, or even trigger new symptoms. Don’t ignore your symptoms – get the help you need.
  • Leading a physically healthy lifestyle can help prevent the onset or worsening of some conditions like depression and anxiety. Eating healthy foods, managing our stress levels, and getting appropriate amounts of exercise and sleep can go a long way in making us physically and mentally healthy.

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Infographic 1 – Alcohol and Illicit Drugs Infographic 2 – Pay Attention Infographic 3 – Anxiety and Depression
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Infographic 7 – Don’t Ignore Symptoms Infographic 8 – More Likely to Use Infographic 9 – Substance Use and Mental Health