Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanIn 2008, DMH developed its first Strategic Plan in order to set clear goals and objectives for the future. This plan continues to be a road map for the public mental health system as we focus on moving towards a community-based system of care.

Using the mission, vision, and values, the Board of Mental Health developed five-year goals to address the transformation of the DMH service system. These goals address the key issues of accountability/efficiency, a person-centered and person-driven system, access, community services/supports, outcomes, partnerships, and information management.

The goals are as follows:


To increase access to community-based care and supports through a network of service providers that are committed to a resiliency and recovery-oriented system of care


To utilize information/data management to enhance decision making and service delivery


To maximize efficient and effective use of human, fiscal, and material resources


The goals and objectives will guide DMH’s actions in moving toward a community-based service system. Each goal’s objectives include action plans, performance measures, timelines, and responsible parties. Furthermore, unless specified, these goals and objectives are inclusive of the populations DMH is charged to serve, and services developed and/or provided will take into account the cultural and linguistic needs of these diverse populations.


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