Central Office

The overall statewide administrative functions are the responsibility of DMH Central Office located in Jackson, MS.  The Central Office is headed by an Executive Director and consists of bureaus.

The Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration works in concert with all Bureaus to administer and support development and administration of mental health services in the state.

The Bureau of Community Mental Health Services

The Bureau of Community Mental Health Services has the primary responsibility for the development and implementation of community-based services to meet the needs of adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance, as well as to assist with the care and treatment of persons with Alzheimer’s disease/other dementia.

The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services

The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services is responsible for the administration of state and federal funds utilized in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with substance abuse problems.  The overall goal of the state’s substance abuse service system is to provide a continuum of community-based, accessible services, including prevention, outpatient, detoxification, community-based primary and transitional residential treatment, inpatient and aftercare services.

The Bureau of Mental Health

The Bureau of Mental Health oversees the six state behavioral health programs, which include public inpatient services for individuals with mental illness and/or alcohol/drug abuse services as well as the Central Mississippi Residential Center.

The Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is responsible for planning, development and supervision of an array of services for individuals in the state with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This public service delivery system is comprised of five state-operated comprehensive IDD programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, one juvenile rehabilitation center for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities whose behavior requires specialized treatment, regional community mental health centers, and other nonprofit community agencies/organizations that provide community services.

The Bureau of Quality Management

The Bureau of Quality Management, Operations and Standards is responsible for the development of DMH standards of care for providers, provider certification and compliance with DMH standards, development of the peer review system as a part of DMH’s overall quality management system, provision of support to programmatic divisions/bureaus with DMH to assist with information management and reporting, oversight of agency and provider emergency management/disaster response systems to ensure continuity of operations within the public mental health system, oversight of constituency services, and the future development of agency and provider performance measures.

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