Central Office

The overall statewide administrative functions are the responsibility of DMH Central Office located in Jackson, MS.  The Central Office is headed by an Executive Director and consists of bureaus.

Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration works in concert with all Bureaus to administer and support development and administration of mental health services in the state. Information Systems is also a part of the bureau.


Bureau of Community Mental Health Services

The Bureau of Community Mental Health Services is responsible for the administration of state and federal funds utilized to develop, implement and expand a comprehensive continuum of services for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance. This includes crisis response as well as access to care and training to assist with the care and treatment of persons with Alzheimer’s disease/other dementia.


Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services

The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services has the responsibility of administering fiscal resources (state and federal) to the public system of prevention, treatment, and recovery supports for persons with substance use disorders.  The overall goal of the state’s substance use disorder service system is to provide quality care within a continuum of accessible community-based services including:  prevention, outpatient, withdrawal management, intensive outpatient, primary and transitional residential treatment, opioid treatment services and recovery support.


Bureau of Mental Health

The Bureau of Mental Health is responsible for the planning, development and supervision of an array of services for individuals served at the state-operated behavioral health programs, which include services for individuals with mental illness, alcohol/drug services and nursing homes.


Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is responsible for planning, development and supervision of an array of services for people in the state with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The service delivery system is comprised of the ID/DD Waiver program, the IDD Community Support Program, and five state- operated comprehensive IDD programs located in communities throughout the state.  The ID/DD Waiver and Community Support Programs provide support to assist people to live successfully at home and in the community.  These services are provided by community mental health centers and other community service providers.


Bureau of Outreach, Planning and Development

The Bureau of Outreach, Planning and Development is responsible for the agency’s strategic planning process, internal and external communications, public awareness campaigns, transformation to a Person-Centered and Recovery Oriented System of Care, special projects, workforce development, and professional licensure and certification.


Bureau of Human Resources

The Bureau of Human Resources is responsible for the employment and personnel matters of each of the Bureaus. Such matters include all aspects of human core capital processing, recruitment, retention, benefits, worker’s compensation, job performance monitoring, and discipline. The Bureau is responsible for workforce development which is inclusive of managing the on-line learning system, organizing training opportunities for employees and assisting with the documentation of employee training credits. The Bureau also oversees the Contract Management of the agency’s contract workers and independent contractors assuring compliance with state rules and regulations.

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