Mental Health First Aid Training – Feb 2024

MHFA Training February 2024

In 2023, the Mississippi Legislature introduced and passed House Bill 1222, known as the Mississippi Collaborative Response to Mental Health Act. Section 2 of this bill addresses collaboration between mental health practitioners and law enforcement agencies throughout the state, requiring both county and municipal law enforcement agencies to receive training in Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Intervention Team training.

The bill requires:
Each county and municipal law enforcement agency shall provide Mental Health First Aid training to all law enforcement officers who are employed or contracted by the agency by July 1, 2031.

Each county and municipal law enforcement agency shall employ at least one officer who is a Crisis Intervention Team officer on or before July 1, 2025. Agencies with fewer than five officers may execute an agreement with one or more agencies for their Crisis Intervention Team officers to serve as the officer for the smaller agency.

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