DMH and Partners Announce Launch of ‘Think Again’ Campaign

In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, DMH is announcing a partnership with the Mississippi State Department of Health, NAMI Mississippi, the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi, and the Mississippi Public Health Institute. This partnership is launching an expanded public awareness campaign titled ai???Think Again,” a grassroots effort to raise awareness about mental health and the connections between mental and physical health.

“We want to encourage Mississippians to speak up and speak out in order to change the way we think about mental health,” DMH Executive Director Diana Mikula said.Ai??ai???One in five people has a mental health condition. Itai??i??s time we realized that fact and put just as much effort towards staying mentally healthy as we do towards staying physically healthy. We donai??i??t ignore physical problems, and we shouldnai??i??t ignore mental health problems

DMH has used the Think Again campaign in the past to encourage young people to think differently about mental health. The expanded Think Again campaign for adults focuses on the connections between mental health and physical health. It is important for Mississippians to understand how common mental illness is and that there is nothing to be ashamed of for seeking help. It is important to understand that good mental health and good physical health go hand-in-hand. There is strong research that proves proper diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management can help protect your health and wellness ai??i?? both physically and mentally.

Throughout the month of May, this partnership will be sharing fact sheets, graphics, and personal stories that have been developed for the campaign. Moving beyond May and the recognition of Mental Health Month, the partnership will be reaching out to civic groups, faith-based organizations, and others who may be interested in hearing the message that mental health is an essential part of our overall health.

Itai??i??s time to ai???Think Againai??? about mental health.

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