Notice of final adoption for DMH MYPAC Rules

The public comment period for the proposed DMH Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC) rules expired at the close of business on January 10, 2022.  Public comment received was considered in the development of the final MYPAC rules. (Please refer to the link below for additional information.)

With permission from the Mississippi State Board of Mental Health, the final MYPAC rules were filed for final adoption with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office on April 12, 2022.  These rules will become effective 30 days after the date of filing – May 13, 2022.  Upon completion of the final adoption period, these rules will be included in the current 2020 DMH Operational Standardsdocument.

For additional information, please click on the link below, which contains:

  • Letter from Dr. Mallory Malkin, Chief Clinical Officer – DMH Bureau of Behavioral Health Services
  • Summary of revisions document which outlines changes (by document heading) made to the proposed MYPAC rules following the public comment period which were included in the final MYPAC rules filed for final adoption
  • A copy of the final MYPAC rules filed on April 12, 2022, for final adoption with the MS Secretary of State’s office. These rules will become effective 30 days after the date of filing – i.e., May 13, 2022.
  • Individuals interested in obtaining a de-identified copy of the MYPAC public comments received by DMH may request this information by email to the DMH Bureau of Certification and Quality Outcomes at
DMH MYPAC rules information regarding public comment received and notice of filing for final adoption

Questions should be submitted to Ms. Lynda Stewart, Director of the DMH Division of Children and Youth Services, at