Golden Thread

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health believes in a person-centered and recovery-oriented system of care. To help support this system, the DMH Division of Recovery and Resiliency has developed the Golden Thread training for assessment, planning, and progress notes that reflect a person-centered and recovery-oriented system. Topics covered in this series of videos include Planning, Assessment, and Progress Notes, Adult Community Mental Health Services, Individual Service Plans, Initial Assessment for Children and Youth, and Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

The Golden Thread of Assessment, Planning, and Progress Notes

This one-hour training provides an overview of the Golden Thread of Assessment, Planning, and Progress Notes. The assessment is the beginning of the process, identifying symptoms and behaviors that will be addressed in the plan, which will structure treatment through specific interventions. Progress notes throughout treatment will document experiences and should lead providers back to a review of the plan. The assessment, plan, and notes should all flow from each other, which is why the Division of Recovery and Resiliency describes this process as the Golden Thread. Watch the video below for the first part of this training.

Additional topics covered in this training: