Roadmap for Integrated Care in Mississippi is released

In October 2016, the Department of Mental Health partnered with the Department of Health and the Mississippi Public Health Institute for a State Forum on Integrated Care. One of the outcomes of the forum was to develop a document to help guide integrated care in Mississippi as we move forward.

The Roadmap for Integrated Care in Mississippi has been completed and is now available.  Forum participants developed practical strategies for innovative health system transformation as detailed in the action plan in Section III of the document. These components will serve as the foundation for the Roadmap to Integrated Care in Mississippi. DMH’s Integration Work Group served as the advisory committee for the State Forum event. DMH’s Integration Work Group is a multidisciplinary, interagency work group which was created in August 2011 for the purpose of developing strategies and partnerships to facilitate the integration of mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities and addiction services with primary health care to create a holistic approach to care.

Click here to read the Roadmap for Integrated Care in Mississippi.