Technical Assistance Collaborative Releases Supportive Housing Strategy Report

Several state agencies have a role in providing housing and support services for individuals with disabilities and life challenges in Mississippi. The State has lacked a coordinated approach and infrastructure to address the needs of these individuals. The Mississippi Department of Mental Health retained the Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) to assist in developing a statewide integrated supportive housing strategy for people with mental illness, intellectual or developmental disabilities, addictive disease, veterans and other high-need individuals in the state.

TAC’s engagement involved producing a report with recommendations for the Mississippi Legislature to consider in preparing the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. During the preparation of this report, TAC identified key issues Mississippi should address to improve its ability to meet the integrated supportive housing needs of the identified individuals. This report includes recommendations informed by numerous interviews conducted with individuals across the range of housing and state service agencies. These recommendations are intended to build upon and leverage the existing resources and capacity in Mississippi, as well as provide the needed oversight, direction and leadership to ensure statewide ownership and commitment.


A Statewide Approach for Integrated Supportive Housing in Mississippi