The 2016 Trauma Conference is Sept. 20-22 at the Jackson Convention Complex

For the third year in a row, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health is hosting a conference focused on trauma-informed care during National Recovery Month. Scheduled for Sept. 20-22 at the Jackson Convention Complex, “Weathering the Storm” brings together survivors, family members, and mental health service providers with a goal of building additional skills and knowledge in order to respond to the various aspects of child, adolescent, and adult trauma.

“This conference provides an exceptional learning experience on the best and effective services and supports for those who have experienced trauma and the individuals who provide care for these survivors,” said Jackie Chatmon, DMH Division of Children and Youth.

“In addition to the 6 keynote speakers, there are 35 breakout sessions on a variety of topics related to trauma.”

The breakout sessions for “Weathering the Storm” include topics such as assisting vulnerable populations after disasters, trauma-informed care in the justice system, and animal assisted therapy. Keynote presentations will be on the subjects such as ethical considerations, intergenerational trauma, building resiliency, and attachment and addiction.

For complete information, visit the 2016 trauma-informed care conference web site at Registration, agenda, and continuing education information is available on the conference site.

Some of us are survivors, family members, service providers, co-workers or supervisors of individuals who have been impacted by this silent storm. As we continue to “Weather the Storm,”  this conference will bring together a diverse group of people with a common denominator of providing a light of hope and healing through effective strategies and supports.