FY23 Adult Mental Health Services Data Report Now Available

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health is committed to supporting the provision of an array of adult mental health services. Over the past several years, many adult mental health services and supports have been expanded and new ones implemented, including, but not limited to, the following:

✓ Mobile Crisis Response Teams
✓ Crisis Residential Services (also referred to as Crisis Stabilization Units or CSUs)
✓ Programs of Assertive Community Treatment Teams (PACT)
✓ Intensive Community Outreach and Recovery Teams (ICORT)
✓ Intensive Community Support Services (ICSS)
✓ Permanent Supported Housing
✓ Supported Employment
✓ Peer Support Services and
✓ Community Support Services (CSS)

These adult mental health services are referred to in this report as “Core Services.” The key aims of these adult mental health services are to provide people with access to local crisis service options, to enable people to be served in their communities, and to help people avoid unnecessary hospitalization. DMH is also working to enhance transition planning as people return to their communities from state hospitals, and the agency is committed to people receiving services in their own communities to meet their specific needs.

To facilitate these goals, DMH is continuing efforts to monitor community-based and state-operated mental health services for adults in our state. Adult mental health service provision data outcomes, such as the ones included in this report, are crucial in supporting the agency’s mission. Data informatics allow DMH to make decisions about the services available to Mississippians and to strategize, plan and allocate resources, accordingly.

Click here to read the FY23 Adult Mental Health Services Data Report