WITS Documentation

WITS Basics User Guide – Use the WITS Basic User Guide to help logging in, password, pin, and basic functions.

WITS End User Clinical Guide –  This guide gives detailed information about client setup, consents, referrals, diagnosis list, intake, program enrollment, outcome measures, case management/treatment planning, encounters, state wait list and agency billing.

WITS Client Entry Workflow – This diagram leads you step by step to enter a client, intake, admission, outcome, diagnosis, program enrollment, encounter, release to billing, and discharge.

WITS Contract Service Rates 10.03.19 – WITS Contract Service Rates are services with rates that are used in contract billing (grants).

WITS Billing and Contract Management  – This user guide has been prepared for WITS Administrative users. Topics covered include billing set up, adding contracts, creating services, and managing those billing components.

MS-WITS 837P Transaction Companion Guide

State Opioid Response (SOR) Grant

WITS SOR Admin Guide w/GPRA January 2020

WITS SOR Basics User Guide

WITS SOR End User Guide w/GPRA January 2020

WITS Training Videos

Basics User Guide Training Video

Billing Provider Training 07.09.2019

SOR Provider Training with GPRA

Data Warehouse Submission Guides and Training Videos

MS DMH Data Warehouse System Overview Video

MS DMH Data Warehouse Technical Assistance Webinar 02.12.2020

MS DMH Data Warehouse XML Technical Webinar

MS DMH Data Warehouse XML Technical PowerPoint

MS DMH DW – Data Set Code Values

MS DMH DW – Data Set Code Values – CDR Crosswalk

Submission Guide – Introduction

Submission Guide – Client Data Set

Submission Guide – Treatment Episode Data Set

Submission Guide – Service Event Data Set

Submission Guide – Appendix Common Data Types

MS DMH DW – XML Examples

MS DMH DW – XML Schema Definitions