Bureau of Behavioral Health Request for Funding Applications Now Available

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health is now accepting applications for series of competitive grants made available through funding appropriated to the agency. Each Request for Funding Application (RFA) is available as a PDF linked below. Only DMH Certified Providers are eligible to apply for the posted RFA opportunities.

General questions may be sent to Dr. Mallory Malkin, Chief Clinical Officer, Bureau of Behavioral Health Services at mallory.malkin@dmh.ms.gov. For specific RFA questions please contact the listed staff person on each respective RFA posting. Each RFA has a staff point of contact noted at the top of the announcement along with the PowerForm Link that is necessary for submission.

Click here for more detailed Provider Submission Instructions

Click here for an example RFA Grant Scoring Rubric that demonstrates how DMH staff will be scoring the grants.

Division of A&D Peer Support & Recovery

Division Director: Dr. LaTarsha Michael, latarsha.michael@dmh.ms.gov

Division of A&D Treatment Services

Division Director: Misty Bell, misty.bell@dmh.ms.gov
Contacts: Dr. Eileen Ewing, eileen.ewing@dmh.ms.gov; Felita Bell, felita.bell@dmh.ms.gov

Division of Children & Youth

Division Director: Lynda Stewart, lynda.stewart@dmh.ms.gov
Contacts: Dwayne Nelson, dwayne.nelson@dmh.ms.gov; Albertstein Johnson-Pickett, albertstein.pickett@dmh.ms.gov; Katherine Simmons, katherine.simmons@dmh.ms.gov